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Healthy eating

Mealtimes at Jumping Jacks

Our children sit and eat together. They learn necessary skills for social eating, how to use cutlery, share food and are encouraged to try new things. Our staff take part in mealtimes and chat with the children, helping them to differentiate between healthy and not so healthy, foods. As well as main meals, we provide snacks of fresh fruit and vegetable segments throughout the day that the children can help to prepare. By becoming involved, they are more likely to taste new foods and quickly begin to recognise different fruit and vegetables.

Food that looks good and tastes even better. Our mealtime routine is as follows:


  • Consists of cereal, eggs, pancakes, crumpets and baked beans.
  • Milk and fresh juice.

Lunch is between 11.30 and 12.00 pm

Parents are asked to provide packed lunch boxes. The nursery provides snacks consisting of fruit, toast, dunker's, biscuits and drinks.

Fresh fruit and milk are part of our morning break

The nursery does not allow chocolates, sweets or peanut products.

Drinks are available throughout the session.

Jumping Jacks is committed to encouraging young children to learn about the benefits of healthy eating. Therefore we like the children to come to pre-school with healthy packed lunches. Government guidelines suggest that children should have one item from each of the sections in the chart below, which we have put together to give you some idea of the variety of foods available to encourage your child(en) to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet;

Afternoon tea is served between 3.30 and 4.00pm

At Jumping Jacks we believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times where skills can be developed  and food good food enjoyed.

We have our own fully trained chef  and cook every meal on site, using only the freshest ingredients, including fresh fruit and vegetables! All of our meals are carefully planned to meet the individual needs and requirements of each child.

We have strict health and safety procedures and our chef regularly audits the nursery to ensure that these policies and procedure are being adhered to.

We are regularly inspected by the local authorities, to ensure we are meeting standards.

Example Menu

Mid-morning snack:  Fruit
Tea:   Tuna Pasta Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Cucumber
Pudding:  Creamed Rice Pudding with Fresh Fruit puree
Dessert:  Homemade Biscuit
Drink: Milk, water or diluted fruit juice, are available throughout the day.

If you have any specific requirements or special dietary requirements, please inform the Nursery Manager and we will cater for your child on an individual basis.

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