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Our OFSTED Report 
Conclusions from Ofsted were as follows

What is being done well?

Children's motivation, interest in learning and high levels of confidence are fostered by staff's keen interest and excellent curriculum plans. Exciting play opportunities are guided by themes, but skilfully and spontaneously adapted and extended by staff in response to children's interest. Children move freely around the setting, selecting preferred resources and using them in integrated play.Children's developing use of articulate language is enhanced by skilled staff technique, such as engaging them in worthwhile, interesting individual and group conversations. Staff have high expectations of the children and routinely introduce new and complex vocabulary.

Staff have a comprehensive understanding of how children learn through play. They exploit every opportunity to tap into children's interest, extend their learning and provide exciting play opportunities to encourage purposeful writing and use of mathematical skills, both indoors and outdoors. The outstanding presentation of the garden provides a wealth of physical challenges and hive of activity which inspire children's interest. Children's progress towards the early learning goals is comprehensively recorded. It is effectively used to challenge and support learning and shared with parents to ensure consistent learning support between home and nursery.

Very effective leadership ensures an experienced staff team, who demonstrate a united approach and commitment to continual evaluation and improvement. The staff appraisal system is used effectively to identify strengths and areas for improvement, which are well supported with clear action plans to enable professional development."Smile the hedgehog" provides an excellent resource to encourage discussion and parental contribution. Children take it in turns to take him home, where he shares their family lives, weekend adventures, positively enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the community and lives of each other.

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