Jumping Jacks
Pre-school and Day Nursery
41-43 Powder Mill Lane

Physical Layout

Building an environment of learning

Step inside Jumping Jacks and you'll know you're in an environment where your child will be safe to learn and develop. Our rooms are carefully planned to make learning fun and allow freedom to play and explore.

Room arrangement is more than just aesthetics. The way a room is laid out affects how your child feels about themselves, how they relate to the adults and children around them and how comfortable they feel about playing and exploring.

The environment within a room also strongly influences a teacher's ability to carry out an effective program throughout the day.

At Jumping Jacks, we understand that your child learns best in an age-appropriate environment built to meet their needs. And, we know that there are specific ways to arrange a room to support and encourage a child to explore.

We invite you to visit and get a firsthand look at our spaces. To experience for yourself how our rooms create a sense of safety, security and stimulation.

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